Addiction recovery can appear to be confusing. Finding a support system is needed for a successful recovery. People who have been your support in the past may not be the people who support you in recovery. Having a sober community in place can make all the difference in staying sober. Gateway Foundation Chicago Kedzie works to create a community where all feel welcome and support each other.

Importance of a Sober Community

Undergoing addiction treatment forces people to change virtually every aspect of their life. Their habits, interests, and even who they choose to spend time with all may change after they finish treatment. This can create feelings of intense loneliness as they realize they can’t rely on the same friend group.

The addiction treatment staff at Gateway Foundation Chicago Kedzie fosters an environment of community and support for both current clients and alumni. Support for alumni is especially important, as they are striving to live independently while remaining sober. For this reason, we provide a variety of options for alumni to stay involved in our sober community.

For one, we offer weekly meetings that alumni are welcome to attend. These include other 12 Step Recovery Programs. In these weekly meetings, attendees discuss their current struggles and find comfort in others going through the same circumstances. For many, these meetings are vital for keeping them grounded and stable in recovery.

Gateway Foundation also puts on events for alumni to help them have fun and meet people in a sober environment. These events include lake parties, 5Ks, and more. These events are a great place to find sober friends and start rebuilding your support network.

Sober Living Encourages Community Development

As a sober living recovery home, Gateway Foundation Chicago Kedzie is in a unique position to build a sober community. Shared living provides ample opportunity to meet and get to know other people in similar situations. Bonding is easy when you’re spending each day doing chores, participating in group sessions, and learning life skills together. In fact, the friendships forged in sober living often go on to help maintain clients’ recovery for a lifetime.

Sober Community at Gateway Foundation Chicago Kedzie

Located in Chicago’s Humboldt Park, Gateway Foundation Chicago Kedzie provides outpatient treatment for each of our recovery home residents. Clients receive individualized treatment plans based on their needs and goals. We also provide case management services and expect our clients to be actively planning for the next steps in their recovery journey.

Some of the services we offer include the following:

A new network of people wanting to support your recovery goals is waiting for you. If you’re struggling with addiction, don’t wait any longer to reach out. Call Gateway Foundation Chicago Kedzie today at 773.227.2158 to find your sober community.