When it comes to addiction treatment, it can seem as though there is an endless number of options. Gateway Foundation Chicago Kedzie, for example, offers comprehensive outpatient care alongside sober living accommodations. However, how do you know if an outpatient addiction treatment center is the right choice for you?

Deciding Between Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment

a group learns about outpatient addiction treatment in Chicago Kedzie at Gateway Foundation Chicago Kedzie outpatient addiction treatment centerWhile some need to make a choice between inpatient and outpatient care, for others it’s not an either-or scenario. Many begin treatment after detox in a residential facility and move on to outpatient care like an Intensive Outpatient Program upon the completion of their residential program. In fact, using a step-down approach from residential to outpatient options is one of the best ways to support your recovery.

Of course, this step-down approach isn’t available to everyone. Some people can’t take time away from work, school, or their family. Others may have insurance policies that insist on outpatient care. Regardless of your situation, an outpatient addiction treatment center is a valuable resource that can help you prioritize your health.

In the case of Gateway Foundation Chicago Kedzie, we provide a sober living recovery home alongside our outpatient offerings. While not as intensive as a residential program, it still provides clients with a safe and stable place to focus on their recovery.

Intake counselors can help you determine what treatment options are right for you. They can also verify your insurance benefits to see which services your policy covers.

What to Expect from an Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center

Fear of the unknown keeps many people from seeking the help that they need. Therefore, knowing what to expect from outpatient addiction treatment in Chicago Kedzie can make the entire process a lot less intimidating.

The beginning of your time at our outpatient addiction treatment center consists of meeting with our team so that we can understand your background, needs, and goals. Then, we’ll create a personalized plan of action from what we learned. This plan can consist of a variety of addiction treatment services, including the following:

We also provide our clients with case management services to help them stay on track as well as plan for the future.

Outpatient Care and Sober Living

At Gateway Foundation Chicago Kedzie, outpatient care and sober living go hand in hand. Our recovery home prides itself on its outpatient offerings that help our clients stay on track. These programs provide structure and routine, allowing clients to get back on their feet at their own pace.

Finding Outpatient Addiction Treatment in Chicago Kedzie

For comprehensive outpatient addiction treatment in Chicago Kedzie, Gateway Foundation is the answer. We’re a dual diagnosis sober living recovery home in Humboldt Park that’s ready to help. Don’t wait any longer to turn your life around. Give us a call at 773.227.2158 today.