Addiction is a complex disease that requires multiple levels of care to treat comprehensively. Addiction treatment is a long process full of ups and downs as people work toward independence and recovery. Due to these challenges, many require additional support as they transition back into their everyday lives. For this reason, Gateway Foundation Chicago Kedzie offers a variety of addiction treatment programs to help clients succeed.

Sober Living Recovery Home in Chicago

A group hugs after learning about addiction treatment programs and substance abuse programsGateway Foundation’s Chicago Kedzie location is a sober living recovery home. After residential substance abuse programs end, many need the support of a structured recovery home to sustain their recovery. Often, they don’t have a safe home environment to return to. Our staff takes the time to know each client and craft a plan that is customized to each individual. The structure also helps clients build a routine that they can continue to use once they’re out on their own.

Our recovery home also provides clients with the opportunity to build a network of support with other clients in recovery. In living and learning with others in our addiction treatment programs, our clients forge relationships with their peers that can last a lifetime. Having access to others that understand the specific struggles of addiction is an invaluable resource during hard times. Our staff works tirelessly through our substance abuse programs to build a sober community that our clients can be a part of for the rest of their lives.

Intensive Outpatient Program

In addition to providing a safe and stable living space, Gateway Foundation Chicago Kedzie also offers outpatient care. Our Intensive Outpatient Program provides half-day treatment options to support recovery. Our staff customizes treatment plans for each client, as everyone has different needs and goals. These treatment plans can consist of the following services:

Our staff pays attention to what each client responds to best, and crafts a plan around that knowledge. Each of our addiction treatment programs features access to the above services.

Outpatient Substance Abuse Programs

We also offer outpatient addiction treatment in Chicago Kedzie that takes place a few times a week. This outpatient program gives clients the most amount of independence as they work toward rebuilding their lives on a foundation of sobriety. Clients have access to all of the services listed above, but the time commitment for treatment is less intense.

More On the Addiction Treatment Programs at Gateway Foundation Chicago Kedzie

All clients participating in our addiction treatment programs have access to case management services. Case managers get to know you on a personal level and understand what your needs and goals are. As such, they can make recommendations for places to live, job opportunities, and therapists with which you can continue your treatment after discharge.

The friendly, qualified staff at Gateway Foundation Chicago Kedzie are happy to answer any questions you may have about our programs. For more information about the addiction treatment programs at our dual diagnosis treatment center, give us a call today at 773.227.2158.