Getting and staying sober can feel out of reach for many people. Maybe after multiple attempts at quitting by yourself, you’re ready to give up. Maybe you sought treatment before, but it didn’t stick. Regardless of your situation, recovery is achievable with the right support. Often, this support includes methods like Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT).

How Can MAT Help?

The overall goal of Medication-Assisted Treatment is to make the recovery process more manageable. There are a variety of different medicines that clinicians can use in MAT, each offering different benefits.

Manage Withdrawal Symptoms and Reduce Cravings

a doctor explains medication-assisted treatment or MAT to a patientUnpleasant withdrawal symptoms are a leading cause of relapse. Often, people attempt to stay sober but just can’t stand the withdrawal. Medications like buprenorphine (or its brand name, Suboxone) can help lessen the severity of opioid withdrawal to keep clients stable in their sobriety.

Buprenorphine is also great for reducing the intensity of cravings. Withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings often act as a one-two punch that drives people back toward drug use. However, with both of these factors minimized, clients can place their focus on getting better.

Blocks Feelings of the High

The FDA approved naltrexone and its brand name Vivitrol to block the effects of alcohol and opioids. When people take naltrexone and try to drink or take opioids, they feel none of the positive effects that they previously enjoyed. This medication also helps to reduce cravings.

Who Can Utilize Medication-Assisted Treatment?

There aren’t medications to help treat all kinds of substance use disorders, unfortunately. Currently, those with addictions to alcohol, opioids, and benzodiazepines can use MAT to help them work toward recovery. Of course, not all people with addictions to those substances are the right fit for Medication-Assisted Treatment. At Gateway Foundation Chicago Kedzie, our team decides on a case-by-case basis whether MAT will help in a specific situation. Our clients also have the power to decline this treatment method if they so choose.

Medication-Assisted Treatment at Gateway Foundation Chicago Kedzie

MAT is just one piece of the treatment puzzle at Gateway Foundation Chicago Kedzie. Our sober living recovery home offers a variety of therapies to help clients get well, including the following:

We never offer Medication-Assisted Treatment on its own. We always accompany this method with the above modalities in order to encourage long-term recovery. While MAT can reduce the chances of relapse, it only does so alongside other therapeutic methods that address the causes of a client’s addiction.

For more information about Medication-Assisted Treatment, or any other treatment offering at Gateway Foundation Chicago Kedzie, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our friendly addiction treatment staff is ready to help you heal. Give us a call now at 773.227.2158.