Mental illnesses commonly occur alongside struggles with addiction. In most cases, the two interact with each other, making both problems worse over time. The only way to ensure that both issues receive the attention they deserve is by seeking help at a dual diagnosis treatment center like Gateway Foundation Chicago Kedzie. However, what is dual diagnosis treatment?

Background on Dual Diagnosis Treatment

a woman in need of a dual diagnosis treatment center leans against a stone wallDual diagnosis treatment is actually a relatively recent development in the world of mental health and addiction treatment. In the past, clinicians refused to help people with mental illnesses until they attained sobriety. Professionals saw mental health and addiction as separate issues, treating them as independent of each other.

Unfortunately, this approach was largely ineffective. In fact, mental illnesses often lead to substance abuse and vice versa. In fact, in clients with co-occurring disorders, only treating one aspect of their condition is only addressing half the problem. For example, if an alcoholic also suffers from depression, simply getting clean will not lead to lasting recovery. The depression still exists, and will eventually act as a trigger to drink. However, if clinicians address his depression alongside his alcoholism, more holistic healing occurs, making long-term sobriety more likely. This is the foundation of the approach that a modern dual diagnosis treatment center takes.

Today, clinicians aim to gain a true understanding of their clients’ struggles. They want the full scope of what their clients are dealing with to give them the highest level of treatment possible. This is the goal of the addiction treatment staff at Gateway Foundation Chicago Kedzie.

How Does Dual Diagnosis Treatment Work?

A dual diagnosis treatment center like ours aims to treat clients holistically. This means that while we diagnose our clients’ substance use disorders and mental illnesses separately, we address them simultaneously in treatment. We utilize methods that work to heal both issues, including the following addiction therapy services:

Our integrated approach addresses how our clients’ co-occurring disorders interact and affect their lives. Through the above modalities, we guide our clients toward lasting wellness and recovery.

A Comprehensive Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center in Chicago

As a result of a combination of sober living and outpatient treatment, Gateway Foundation Chicago Kedzie provides clients with comprehensive care. Our recovery home includes all of the perks of a dual diagnosis treatment center, as well as case management services to help clients get back on their feet. With a convenient location in Humboldt Park, we’re in a unique position to serve the people of Chicago in need of addiction treatment.

If you think you could benefit from the help of a dual diagnosis treatment center, then don’t hesitate to reach out to us. A simple phone call could turn your life around. Reach out to us at 773.227.2158 today.